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Giving a summoning stone to the Haremancer will allow him to use his powers to call forth a random heroine to aid Ralph on his journey. There are over 30 girls to recruit and each one's affection level can be raised for special scenes and interactions with Ralph!


Buy a house and fill it with furniture you find on your journey. Decorate and redecorate endlessly, any way you like with customizable walls, floors, and tons of items! You can even invite the heroines you've recruited to hang out in your home!


Visit the casino to win some coins, play some minigames, and have some fun earning items and interacting with other characters in the game, including the summoned girls!

村に温泉がわいただと! 全力!

Enjoy a nice, relaxing dip in a hot spring! Depending on the circumstances and Ralph's affection levels, you may get a special reward from the ladies...