Kokurase is filled with memorable characters, many of whom you control to advance the story!


[The client]

This shy freshman is apprehensive of Cupid's Helpers' zeal, but she'll stop at nothing to win Yoshimitsu's heart.


[The target]

The heart-throb junior turns away all the ladies because they fail to impress him with their professions of love. Will Sakura be the one who is able to tame this playboy?


[The leader]

This sophomore is the brains of the Kokurase gang, using razor wit and meticulous planning to pull off the impossible.


[The quiet one]

Meg may be the real leader of Kokurase, but this junior defers to Genji because he might just be as clever as her.


[He sees things]

Kanta is a sophomore obsessed with ghosts, much to the chagrin of his fellow members of the Kokurase gang.


[The newest member]

Riho shares a bond with Sakura, as they are both freshmen, but the similarities end there.


[Slighted by Yoshimitsu]

This junior feels the opposite of almost every other girl in school: she hates Yoshimitsu with a passion and wants to see him brought down a few pegs.