Character: Pharaoh Rebirth. Author: Kurobon. Degigames

Jonathan Banfield

Rabbit and treasure hunter.

While pillaging tombs with his buddy Andre, Jonathan was cursed with the form of a rabbit. Since then, he and Andre have parted ways over a "difference of opinion". Jonathan has changed his ways and now protects ruins from tomb robbers.

Andre Betandourt

Illegal digger and tomb robber.

Turned into a snapping turtle by the same curse that turned Jonathan into a rabbit, Andre has a strong tendency to forge onward and ignore everything around him. He likes to pose holding a glass of tomato juice, not wine.


Hacker extraordinaire and radio support.

Using his satellite connection, Jack supports Jonathan on his adventures. He relays important information over radio, such as trap and item locations. Jonathan and Jack go way back to when Jonathan was still human.